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bobs_discount's Journal

Chancellor Bob's Discount Market
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Welcome to Chancellor Bob's Discount Market! We carry goods for the discerning Sith Lord customer, from smuggler to Jedi and back. If it exists in the galaxy, you can find it at Chancellor Bob's! And our prices will never be beat. If they are, Darth Maul will be dispatched to take care of the offending competitor. If you find a lower price, we'll give you your credits back!

Stop by Chancellor Bob's today! Who knows, you may run into Bob himself!

To add an item to the stock list, please use the following form:

Item to be added:
Link to sporking and/or link to story:
Author of Sporking/Author of story:
Suggested retail price of object:
Quote from story where object is mentioned:

Thank you! -rabidfangurl, Executive Assistant to Chancellor Bob

Idea for this community shamelessly lovingly stolen from vold_e_mart.